Levi, a Canadian Eskimo at our Rocklin Roseville Clinic.

Here’s a new one at our Rocklin Roseville vaccination clinic. Pictured here with his human is Levi who is at least part Canadian Eskimo Dog. The Canadian Eskimo or Qimmiq is a working Arctic dog which is genetically identical to the Greenland dog and therefore considered to be the same breed as the Greenland. It is well known that the first dogs were brought to the Americas across the Bearing Land Bridge from Siberia 12,000 – 14,000 years ago and these dogs moved throughout North America and to South America with the waves of human migration. Settlement of the Arctic region, however was a more recent event, and the migrations included the Paleo-Eskimo people 4500 years ago and finally the Thule people 1,000 years ago. The Canadian Eskimo or Qimmiq or Greenland dog is believed to have arrived with this last migration of Thule people and is the breed currently associated with the Canadian Inuit people. The modern Husky Sled dogs are relatively recent dogs from Siberia and retain a significant proportion of wolf gentetics. The pure Canadian Eskimo breed carries no recent wolf genetics and is currently a very rare breed with only a few hundred pure dogs remaining. The Canadian can be any color, has a thick double coat with a thick mane around the neck and carries its thickly haired tail over its back in an Akita-like fashion. The Canadian Eskimo has a temperament typical of an Arctic working dog and can be expected to be loyal and fearless.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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