Kicco the Cocker Spaniel

Here at our Lodi clinic we have a picture of Kicco the Cocker Spaniel with his human. Cockers were very popular as house pets in America in the early ’20th century but lost popularity due to the emergency of some undesirable personality traits. These problems have been since rectified and this breed is once again popular and serves well in a family setting. Cocker Spaniels date to the 14’th century and are so named because they were bred to hunt woodcocks (so they are ‘Cockers’) and probably originated in Spain hence the name ‘Spaniel’. The modern Cockers are divided into the larger English and the smaller American Cocker Spaniels. Additionally, there are the smaller King Charles Spaniels and the larger Springer Spaniels. Like most hunting dogs they have long drooping ears but the Cocker ears also have long silky or curly hair in their ears which predisposes them to a variety of ear problems and infections. Just as with Poodles and other similarly coated dogs, there is a constant requirement for grooming or clipping. The maintenance of ear health is dependent on keeping the hair under the ear flap clipped so it won’t attract dirt, debris or foreign objects like foxtails. Additionally, great benefit can be derived from plucking the fine hairs which grow at the opening of the ear canal as this is where wax and grime first begin to accumulate which contributes to the initial ear infections which plague so many Cockers.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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