Lola the French Bulldog at our Woodland Location.

Here at our Woodland pet vaccination clinic we have a picture of what is undoubtedely the sweetest and most loving dog breed in the world. In the arms of her human we see Lola the French Bulldog. The irony about the ‘Frenchie’ is that it is derived from the fierce bull baiting dogs of 18th-19th century England but after bull baiting was outlawed in 1835 a few dogs were kept as pets and began their transformation into the mild mannered lap dogs we know today. As the downsized and domesticated dogs made their way to France, their popularity exploded and most of the refinement happened there and hence the name ‘French Bulldog’. Unfortunately, along with the rapid inbreeding which led to the perfectly sweet temperament there was inattention to the physical health of the breed and we are dealing with a perfect little lap dog which has a host of physical problems and an unfortunately short lifespan. Incidentally, Lola has perfectly normal eyes: The bright green glow we see in this picture is the result of Lola looking directly into the camera as the flash went off and the reflective layer behind the retina produced the green glow. This ‘Tapetal Reflex’ is also seen as a yellow glow when shining a light into the eyes of a cat and it is completely absent in humans which is why a human looking into the flash shows the faint ‘red eye’ which is just the color of the blood vessels behind the human retina.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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