Swaggy at our Sacramento Freeport Clinic

Swaggy, pictured here with his human at our Sacramento Freeport pet vaccination clinic is a real surprise. He’s a cloud of white hair with blue eyes, his size is intermediate and his temperament is co-operative and loving. How can all this be i one dog? Because Swaggy is a mixed Pomeranian and Siberian Husky! We probably won’t be seeing a mix like this again anytime soon but think about the advantages: Huskies are large, strong and impressive looking but hard to handle, independent and sometimes dangerous. Pomeranians are small lap dogs which can bark a lot are often not even trained because they are safe and compatible right out of the box. Swaggy, being a mixture of the two would be expected to have a huge and dense hair coat which will shed, would have an energy level midway between that of the Husky and the Pomeranian and could be expected to be far more family friendly than many of the Husky breeds. This is just one more example of the advantages of mixed breed pets and a reminder that we don’t need to go to expensive extremes to find a good companion. There are plenty of deserving mixed breeds just waiting at the animal shelter for the right human to come along and take them home

– Geoffrey Antipa


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