Rigby the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Here at our West Sacramento clinc we see Rigby the Rhodesian Ridgeback and his human. Rigby has some perfect Ridgeback characteristics including a one-inch wide stripe of hair which runs right down his back from his shoulders to just before his hips. The ridge looks a little like a mohawk cut on the otherwise uniform coat. Unfortunately, our picture showing his excellent ridge did not turn out so a verbal description will have to suffice – sorry ’bout that! The breed history dates to the 17th century with a fierce (and ugly) ridge-backed lion hunting and guard dog used by the indigenous Khoikhoi people of South Africa. In the 1860s European settlers in South Africa and in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) crossed the native dog with European breeds to develop a guard and big game hunting dog. These are still courageous and sometimes aloof dogs which should be well trained and thoroughly socialized by an experienced owner/trainer. In the right circumstances the Ridgeback can make a loyal and fearless family dog and Rigby is an example on one of these perfectly compatible Ridgeback dogs.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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