Jordan the Peke in Vallejo.

Here’s a picture or Jordan the Peke and his human at our Vallejo and American Canyon vaccination clinic. The Pekingese which, along with the Shih-Tzu, is known as a ‘Lion Dog’ because of it’s resemblance to the Chinese Guardian Lion. As hard as it is to believe, ‘Pekes’ are an ancient breed and are closely related to the wolf ancestors of all dogs. They have been companions to Buddhist monks and to Chinese royalty. During the second Opium War of 1860 when the Xianfeng rulers fled their summer palace, 5 of these dogs were brought to England and eventually one ended up with Queen Victoria. Later another was given by the Empress Dowager Cixi to the Theodore Roosevelt family. Although often clipped, the Pekingese has incredibly long silky hair which must be attended to. If left unclipped, this bountiful coat must be groomed constantly and can even reach to the ground. Additionally their short (brachycephalic) skulls and protruding eyes lead them to eye problems, breathing problems and above all else, in the Central Valley, to over heating problems. The Pekingese is a completely safe dog with thousands of years of breeding history and they make safe and predictable household pets.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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