Sugars the Shih-Tzu and Chesty the Blue Merle Lab/Queensland Mix.

Here’s a family with a handful at our Brentwood pet vaccination clinic. In the arms of the humans we see Sugars the Shih-Tzu with Chesty the blue (or black) merle Labrador/Queensland mix and pictured to the right of Chesty is Adventure the other Lab Queensland mix. Notice that, as we often see in mixed breed puppies, the appearance of the pups can mimic the appearance of either of the parental breeds or, in some cases, be a complete mixed look which is not identifiable with either parental breed. In this case, Chesty has picked up the appearance and coat of the Queensland parent while Adventure looks just like his Yellow Lab parent. This is the fun of mixed breed dogs and it also reflects the advantages of mixed breeding. While the puppies reflect a random mixture of parental traits it is a consistent principal that they would demonstrate fewer of the flaws and problem of either parent breed and also exhibit more of the strengths and advantages of the two parental breeds. And after having said all that, there is Sugars the Shih-Tzu. These are practically bullet-proof little dogs anyway who always seem to get along with everybody, carry few inherent problems and live a long life as a happy and well adjusted family house pet.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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