Osito the Pomeranian, at our Modesto Clinic.

Osito the Pomeranian came to our Modesto area clinic for his portrait and brought his whole family with him – and hey – who’s that? – it looks like the vet also joined the family for a minute. Osito was a perfect and well behaved little gentleman for his vaccinations and made his family proud. Osito is not only a little bundle of joy, but he is also a bundle of hair and what we see here is just the beginning. He’s young and just making the transition from his fluffy puppy coat to what will be his impressive adult coat. The Pomeranian has perhaps the most spectacular hair coat in the world and its cloud of hair can reach to the ground and almost completely hide the dog! If you ever see what appears to be an animated dust mop running around, you know you’ve spotted a full coated Pomeranian! This, of course means that the attending human must plan on a life of daily combing and brushing or simply go to the grooming parlor for an occasional clip. Don’t forget that many groomers require the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination and sometimes also the Canine Influenza vaccines before bringing pets in for grooming.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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