Tango the Bernedoodle.

Here at our Galt pet vaccination clinic is something really different! Happily riding in the arms of his human we have a young dog named Tango who is a newly minted mixed breed. The Bernedoodle is a very recent designer dog produced by crossing the Bernese Mountain Dog with either Standard or Miniature Poodle. The result is a fluffy dog which, when it has the tightly curled hair of the Poodle breeding, does not shed and is therefore hypoallergenic. This cross can be expected to have the intelligence of all Poodle crosses but because the Bernese Mountain dog is and independent Guardian type dog it could be expected that the Bernedoodle may not be as tractable as other *doodle mixes. One very good point about this particular cross is that Bernese Mountain dogs often suffer from musculoskeletal and cancer problems and are known for their reduced lifespan. The Poodle has none of these problems, has a very long lifespan and undoubtedly confers a healthy and long life to the Bernedoodle.

– Geoffrey Antipa


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