Dante, a Carolina Dog who came in to our Elk Grove location.

It’s not often that we add a new dog to our list of breeds but last week at Elk Grove it finally happened: Dante is a Carolina Dog (or American Dingo) who came in the arms of his human and was only too happy to be photographed. It is fairly well established that most if not all dog breeds originated from the northern Asian wolf population and the descendents of these early dogs were spread with human migration throughout the world. The dogs of the Americas, however have presented a bit of mystery: By careful DNA analysis over the most recent years it seems that there are only three dogs with direct Asian ancestry pre-dating the Columbian contact with Europe and those three are a Peruvian dog, the Chihuahua and the Carolina Dog. This would imply that these dogs are among those who came with the first human migration from Northern Asia across the Bearing land bridge and into North America as early as 20,000 years ago. The only possible error in this theory could be that the Carolina Dog is actually a more recent introduction to North America and picked up it’s ancient genetic markers from more recent mixing with North American Arctic dogs. Interesting!

– Geoffrey Antipa


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