QUICK! How many Doxies in this picture?

QUICK ! How many Doxies in this picture?? Look again – Harley the Long Haired Dachshund brought his favorite human with him to our Woodland clinic and his human brought her inked accessory Dachshund who happens to look a lot like Harley with his beautiful long flowing ear hair. All Doxies have very short legs and a very long back which are characteristics developed to facilitate their access to the den of the badger which they were originally intended to hunt. Doxies (Dachshunds), which were developed in Germany, come in smooth coat, long silky coat, wire coat and a wide variety of colors. The common colors include black/tan, red, shaded color with black back hairs, dapple and the color known as “piebald.” This is a pattern with large white areas either with or without color ticking in the interior of the white area. The coat type most commonly seen here in the US is the smooth coat, while the most common coat type in Germany is the wire haired coat and coat which is arguably the most elegant of all is the long haired coat.


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