A Sweet Tempered Young Pitbull Named Apollo

This picture from our Sacramento pet vaccination clinic in the Natomas area is of a sweet tempered young Pitbull named Apollo and his lucky human. We all know how excitable and sometimes dangerous Pitbulls can be but Apollo is co-operative, quiet and accepting. There’s an important point here that if a potential owner seeks out puppies from a breeder or owner of dogs which are known for their good temperament it can make all the difference in the world. While it is true that all Pitbulls derive from either Bull fighting or dog fighting stock in 18th and 19th century England, there are some blood lines which are exceptionally well tempered as compared with the average Pitbull. It is important that the young Pitbull be trained early, trained consistently and socialized to a variety of people and animals. The message is to choose your Pitbull wisely, raise and train it wisely and expect a happy exception to the popular opinion that Pitbulls are trouble.


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