Juno is a mixed Terrier who visited our Folsom Vaccination Clinic

Juno is a mixed Terrier who came out along with her humans to our Folsom vaccination clinic for her shots. Her face looks a lot like a Cairn Terrier but those ears are too long and although Cairn Terriers have short legs, Juno’s seem even shorter. Anyway, we know that all terriers have a similar background in that they originated as rodent control in the woolen mills spread throughout England and the British Isles. The dogs which were best suited to this duty were active, independent, tireless and smart. They pursued their duty without needing encouragement or direction and that is why we consider the terriers to be among the most ‘feisty’ and entertaining of all the breeds. The members of the Terrier group are universally compatible with their human families, are safe and make very good pets.


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