Oreo the Pembroke Welsh Corgi at our Vallejo American Canyon Vaccination Clinic

Here’s Oreo the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the arms of his human at our Vallejo American Canyon vaccination clinic. When it comes to short dogs the two breeds that take the cake are the Dachshund which is a badger hunter from Germany and the Corgi which is a herding dog from Wales. The Corgi or it’s ancestors date to the 11th century when they were brought to Wales by Viking and Flemish immigrants. In Welsh folklore they are known as the mount of tiny woodland fairy warriors. The white markings are said to be left over from the marks of the fairy harness on the dog. These herding dogs are brave enough to nip at the heels of cattle and Welsh Ponies and in the event that one of the herd turns back the wayward animal can expect a nip on the nose! Even before the Corgies found use as herding dogs they served as household guardian and companion dogs and are particularly trustworthy around children. It has been our experience that the Corgi dogs are reliably considerate and co-operative. After 1934 the Corgies were divided into two breeds named for their areas of origin: The older but less common Cardigan Corgi is larger, comes in more colors, has a double coat with harsh outer layer and has a tail. The Pembroke is smaller, has a smoother coat, a foxy face and is naturally born with a bobbed tail. Corgies make good, active and long-lived family pets.


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