A Little Chihuahua Mix Named Charlie Henry at our Atwater Merced Clinic

Here at our Atwater Merced clinic is a little Chihuahua mix named Charlie Henry who’s happily waiting in his car for his shots with the companionship of one of his humans. Charlie Henry is a mix and judging by the shape of his head it may very well turn out that he is mixed with a Dachshund and that would make him a Designer dog called a Chiweenie. Designer Dogs are dogs which are specifically bred from two different purebred parent dogs. (didn’t we used to call them ‘mutts’?). A Chiweenie is of course, a Chihuahua mixed with a Dachshund (or Doxi or Weenie Dog). This seems to be an agreeable mix which has high energy and a high sense of loyalty to its owner. They can be quite attentive and playful but are perhaps a too touchy to be good playmates for very young children.


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