Smokey the Doberman visited us in Manteca

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Smokey the Doberman, who has a great relationship with his human, came to our Manteca vaccination clinic and he was perfectly behaved. Sometimes Dobies can be so high strung that we can barely keep them on the ground but Smokey is well bred, good tempered and well behaved. The Doberman Pinscher was originally bred in 1890 Germany for the express purpose of being a superior guard dog. The breeder – whose was named ‘Doberman’- was specifically trying to develop a personal companion guard dog. That old characteristic in the original breed led to its nick-name ‘Devil Dog’ because of its propensity for unprovoked attack. In the intervening decades ‘Dobie’ breeding has produced a much more restrained dog than the original but yet the Doberman can still be high strung and a little unpredictable. Good competent training is important and probably the Doberman is not the best choice for families with children who may irritate the dog. – Geoffrey Antipa


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