Penny the Dalmatian came to our Modesto clinic

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When we were at our Ceres Modesto vaccination clinic and we were seeing fast moving spots before our eyes we knew it had to be a Dalmatian. This is a great breed which used to be more common but which we don’t often see at our clinics anymore. Penny brought two of her favorite humans to our clinic for her shots and she was a delight to work with and she reminds us why are always happy to see them. The Dalmatian dog is named for the Dalmatia region of Croatia where they were used as guard dogs, war dogs and hunting dogs. Although Dalmatia is the region of origin, the breed was primarily developed in England and the breed standard there dates to 1882. It is recognized by its uniquely spotted coat. The traditional picture of the Dalmatian as a mascot for fire departments of the past may derive from their guarding instinct which was important for the protection of the valuable horses stabled in firehouses. Dalmatians have always been high energy dogs and were known to run about in advance of the fire carriage barking with excitement which served to clear the streets for the oncoming horses and fire wagon. In addition to having served as carriage dogs and fire dogs they have always been and still are good family pets. The possibility for deafness in the breed is associated with excessively white coats or piebald face color (large white areas including the face). Dalmatian pups may look alarming as they are born white and acquire their spots later on. Remember these dogs have boundless energy, need lots of exercise and, as with other short haired dogs, Dalmatians shed year round. – Geoffrey Antipa


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