Samantha the Brittany Spaniel came to our Roseville clinic

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Samantha is a perfect example of the Brittany Spaniel breed and she talked her human into carrying her to our pet vaccination clinic in the Roseville Rocklin area. The Brittany Spaniel is named for the Brittany province of France where they were first identified in the 17th century. Over the years they have been developed into a first rate gun dog used for bird hunting. The designation ‘Spaniel’, in addition to possibly being a reference to Spanish origins, presents some contradiction because Spaniels are typically used to flush birds into the air for the hunters to trap or shoot. On the other hand, the Brittany has the characteristic of locating and pointing at the location of the birds and might therefore more appropriately be called a ‘Pointer’ like the German Shorthair and other pointers. The Brittany is also expected to retrieve shot birds and so has the gentle mouth and a gentle temperament similar to that of other retrievers. Brittanies are medium or smaller sized, are extremely healthy and long lived. They have a very high energy level, require a lot of exercise and are sensitive and affectionate. They train easily and are highly motivated to please their human. Brittany Spaniels, like pointers, make great pets if provision for adequate exercise is made. Don’t expect a Brittany to be much of a guard dog as they are far too gentle for that! – Geoffrey Antipa


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