Spikey the Mini Pincher came to our Natomas clinic

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Here at our Sacramento clinic in the Natomas area we have a picture of Spikey the Min Pin and his human. The name ‘Min Pin’ is short for ‘Miniature Pinscher’ but the story is not quite that simple. The Min Pin is NOT simply a small version of the Doberman Pinscher, but instead is a very old and completely separate German breed composed of Dacshund, Italian Greyhound, and German Pinscher. Their color can be black, red, and, like Spikey, the typical black and tan, plus other variations. They are energetic, independent and assertive and make great watch dogs. The Miniature Pinscher has a bit of a contradictory personality in that while the breed is plenty smart and can be well trained, it is also somewhat stubborn and therefore can be hard to train! WHAT? As is so often the case, success with this breed is dependent on the experience and dedication of the owner. Min Pins may not do will with very small children. Why? The old German name for the breed is Zwergpinscher or ‘little biter’ !! . . . . hmmm… I wonder what might have been the old German name for Chihuahua ? 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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