A couple of English Bulldogs visited us in West Sacramento

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There are Bulldogs, then there are English Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs and Olde English Bulldogges, and French Bulldogs. Here at our West Sacramento vaccination clinic we saw Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 who are classic English Bulldogs which is the most original of all the bulldog types. These two are not frowning nor are they wrinkling their noses. If anything they are showing off the fold of skin across the nose called the ‘knot’ or ‘rope’ which is one of the breed characteristics of the English Bulldog. The breed dates back to at least the 16th century but since the mid 19th century has been studiously bred away from its ferocious bull-baiting past. The English Bulldog can be 50 – 60 lbs, is short and stocky, always has loose folded skin and as a youngster looks a little like it is going to fall apart. The modern breed standard is for them to have a sweet and co-operative temperament. It is unfortunate that this great pet breed which matures slowly can have a variety of physical problems and therefore has a relatively short adult life span. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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