Cooper the Queensland Heeler visited us in Auburn

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Here’s a Queensland Heeler or ‘Cattle Dog named Cooper who we saw at our Auburn Pet vaccination clinic. He’s still young so he gets to ride in his human’s arms but these dogs are well known for being happy to trot all day long alongside their horseback riding human. The heeler name derives from their method of herding cattle which is to nip at the heels while the cattle and the dog are on the run. Anyone who hasn’t watched this action has missed a real show. Cattle may not look fast but they can kick in multiple directions with lightning speed. They can do this while standing or running and so the heeler dogs are also, by necessity, lightning fast. They can deliver a nip to the heels and dodge away with blinding speed and seem to relish the dangerous game they are bred to play. There is a downside to this highly effective working characteristic and that is that the same wariness and speed with which they approach cattle can also apply to their approach to strange humans. Heelers are among the smartest and most trainable dogs in the world and they are intensely loyal to their human and to their territory ( house, yard, truck, etc). This combination of traits means that these working dogs can be a bit unpredictable about what and who they bite when they are surprised or afraid. Above all, they are phenomenal working dogs and closely bonded to their human handler. – Geoffrey Antipa


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