Benito the Cane Corso came to our Woodland clinic

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At our Woodland pet vaccination clinic we visited by this young Cane Corso named Benito who is riding to the clinic in his human’s arms. Although only recognized in the United States in 2010, the Cane Corso is an old Italian Molosser breed descended from the Roman Canis Pugnax which was used in ancient warfare. Once found throughout Roman lands, they have persisted in southern Italy as hunting and guard dogs and only recently have become popular in America. It is the only surviving breed of the original Coursing Mastiffs which were speed hunters capable of running their prey to exhaustion and then catching them. The Cane Corso (pronounced Can-eh Corso) has a somewhat inconsistent personality, sometimes presenting as a docile house pet and sometimes presenting itself as an aloof and formidable guard dog. For this reason the Cane Corso should be trained consistently and early by an experienced dog owner. – Geoffrey Antipa


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