Cornelius the German Wirehair Pointer visited us in West Sacramento

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Here’s a German Wirehair Pointer named Cornelius who came to visit us at our pet vaccination clinic in West Sacramento. The German Wirehaired Pointer is a Griffon type hunting dog bred in 19th century Germany. The breed was developed for all types of hunting, pointing and retrieving in many different conditions. The wiry coat protects the dogs from the elements and rough terrain yet in the summer it sheds the undercoat to become cool enough to work well in the heat. German Wirehairs are energetic, loyal, and trainable. In many respects the German Wirehair is quite similar to the German Shorthair although though they differ in that the Wirehair is not as affectionate with, and is a bit more wary around, strangers. This means that they could make a more suitable household guard dog than the hopelessly affectionate Shorthair. The German Wirehair Pointer is a breed which loves to work, requires plenty of exercise and and is a wonderful companion to the human family that they know and love. – Geoffrey Antipa


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