Leia, Brindle and Ziya came to our Roseville clinic

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Here at our Roseville and Citrus Heights vaccination clinic is a triplicate portrait of three dogs and their three humans. They are a mixture of Pitbull/German Shepherd and Dachshund and their names are Leia, Brindle and Ziya though that’s possibly not the correct order of names. Notice that they all display a nice freshly shaved belly and that’s because – lucky dogs – they all were just spayed. And that brings us to the stylish blue muffs they have around their necks. The traditional way of keeping a dog from chewing itself is a large plastic cone around the neck which shields the dog’s nose and mouth from almost everything including sometimes the food and water. Dogs usually hate the cone but it’s sometimes a necessary evil. These owners found the blue collars on line and report that they are effective at keeping the dogs away from their fresh surgery wounds but allow much more freedom to eat, drink and do many other things which would be impossible with a cone. Looks like a good solution and we thank the owners for bringing this to our attention 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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