Lady the Chow came to our North Highlands clinic

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Here’s Lady the Chow along with her human at our vaccination clinic in North Highlands. It is clear that Lady has been well trained and well loved and has a secure relationship to her human. This is important because the Chow has a long history of being strong willed and independent minded. The Chow or Chow Chow is one of the few remaining truly ancient breeds. They are probably derived 3,000 years ago from the grey wolf of the Mongolia or Siberian steppes. By the time of the Han Dynasty in China 2,000 years ago they were well established as palace guard dogs. The red Chow is probably the model for the famous representations of the Chinese Foo Dog. Over their history, Chows have also seen duty as sled dogs and hunting dogs. Curiously, in spite of the long working history, these dogs are not particularly energetic and do not require more than moderate daily exercise. The personality developed during their use as guard dogs gives the modern Chow a strong sense of loyalty to a very few people and makes them of questionable reliability around strangers, therefore it is important that a Chow be handled by an experienced owner who will be diligent about training and socializing his canine companion. – Geoffrey Antipa


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