Elmer the Blood Hound came to our Elk Grove clinic

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We don’t see dogs like this very often but last week at Elk Grove we got a chance to vaccinate and photograph Elmer the Blood Hound (along with his human family). The Blood Hound is a scent hound type which may date to AD 1000 where the prototypical dogs were bred in the Saint Hubert Monastery of Belgium. Later in the 11th century this type of dog was introduced in the territories conquered by William of Normandy. Their original use was to track deer, bear, and wild boar but they very quickly gained a reputation as excellent trackers of lost or escaped people. The pendulous ears and thick skin folds around the neck may aid in the gathering and retention of scent-carrying cells which lie on the ground. Most dogs have about 40 times the olfactory capability of humans and the Blood Hound has an additional 30-40% more receptors and olfactory capability than the average dog. It has been known for a Blood Hound to successfully follow a two week old scent trail of a target person. These large stout dogs have a massive skeleton but unfortunately suffer from a variety of breed-specific gastro-intestinal ailments and have among the shortest life span of all dogs. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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