Ann Savage the Shepherd/Doxi mix visited us in Carmichael

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Little Ann Savage is a dog name nobody is going to forget soon. She and her human came out to our Carmichael pet vaccination clinic last time we were in the Sacramento area. Little Ann’s breed story is exactly what it looks like it is: She has the classic coat and color distribution of a German Shepherd and the long back with short legs of a Dachshund – so she’s a Doxi/Shepherd mix! This could be a good combination because each of these breeds has its own separate physical problems that the mixture will probably not experience. The Shepherd part of the breeding comes with the risk of hip dysplasia which is not a problem in the Dachshund breed. The Doxie part of the breeding comes with the risk of intervertebral disc problems which are not a problem in the Shepherd breed. Because of the expected advantages of mixed breeding this means that Little Ann Savage will be protected against either of these common parental conditions. The phenomenon of a mixed-breed offspring having fewer of the faults and more of the strengths of the parents is commonly referred to as ‘hybrid vigor’ and that’s the reason we should all be happy to have mixed breed puppies and don’t really need to search for a purebred to find a good pet. When thinking about a new canine or feline addition to your house remember there are plenty of mixed breeds sitting at the animal shelter just waiting for the right human to come along and take them home – Geoffrey Antipa


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