Panda the Siberian Husky came to our Pittsburg clinic

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This young Siberian and his young human came to our Pittsburg vaccination clinic. Panda is as sweet as he is cute and this is a promising start for a life with his human. Siberian Huskies are particularly popular these days because of their depiction on ‘Game of Thrones’ but, of course there is a big difference: The fictional Computer Generated (CG) Direwolves don’t need attention and training because they are not real but real Huskies like Panda require lots of time and work to become well adjusted and reliable members of a human family. Husky pups are cute and cuddly but when they grow up they are among the most impressive of dogs. Their original purpose was to pull sleds all day long and at great speed in the frozen Arctic north. Additionally they served a very important function as warning and defense against Polar Bear attack and to this end they need to be loyal to their humans, and to be fearless and territorial. In a normal pet dog setting these traits can be a problem and that is why we must remember to train all Huskies (and most other big dog breeds) to be obedient , to pay attention to the owner or handler and to expect regular exercise every day. With a start like this, Panda is guaranteed to live a long life and to get along well in his environment. – Geoffrey Antipa


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