Venus the mixed puppy visited us in Vallejo

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Here’s a little mystery mixed breed puppy named Venus who came to our Vallejo pet vaccination clinic with her human just so she could practice her acrobatics for the camera. Venus is a mystery because her notes indicate a Poodle mix but her appearance is most reminiscent of something like a Chihuahua and mini Doxie mix. At any rate, as can be clearly seen by the look on her human’s face, Venus is a riot to have around and it makes no difference what is the exact nature of her mixed breeding. As has often been mentioned in these posts, the mixed-breeding is not a problem but is, instead, a a virtue. What we know about mixing genetics is that the parental faults seem to be less represented in the pups and the parental strengths seem to be reliably expressed in the pups. When you or anyone you know is thinking about finding a new puppy, remember to consider the attributes of a crossbred puppy and remember that there are plenty of crossbred pups sitting at the pound just waiting for the right human to come along. – Geoffrey Antipa


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