Nico the Shih-Tzu visited us in Tracy

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Here’s little Nico from our Tracy vaccination clinic and he’s a character with a great personality. Nico comes with the breed designation of Shih-Tzu and he has the most telling of all the Shih-Tzu characteristics and that is a contrasting colored long moustache which, if left unclipped, can droop towards the ground in a dramatic flowing manner. But here’s the confusing part: The shape of his head and the appearance of his facial hair is very indicative of Brussels Griffon breeding. The Shih-Tzu and the Griffon have no breeding in common, are from different eras and are from opposite sides of the world so this is confusing. We will have to see Nico again and talk to Nico’s human about these contradictory characteristics and then we will have more to say about him. But one thing is for sure and that is that Nico is a great little guy, has a great and characteristic appearance and was a pleasure to handle at clinics. – Geoffrey Antipa


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