Ace the Belgian Malinois visited us in Antioch

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Here’s Ace the young Belgian Malinois from our Antioch pet vaccination clinic. There are four types of Belgian Sheepdogs dating to the late 1800s; the Malinois, Tervuren, Laekenois, and Groenendael. The Belgian Malinois looks a bit like a German Shepherd but is finer boned and more sensitive. They are good herders, have a very strong prey drive and are the best and most trainable police and working dogs. The Malinois can be an excellent pet but demands a lot of exercise, a lot of time and a lot of varied activity. This is a breed which can be a rewarding working partner and guard dog but should be raised by an experienced dog owner. Belgian Malinois are champions at the French Ring Sport which is obedience and guard competition dating to late 19th century France. The rigorous 15 minute trial includes competition for obedience, mental focus, physical agility including long and high jump, guarding, chasing, search and alert, attack and release and more! These are incredibly capable dogs but as already stated, we can’t forget they require conscientious and competent training, plenty of regular exercise and a consistent productive interaction with the owner. Do not plan to acquire a Belgian Malinois and expect it to train itself! – Geoffrey Antipa


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