Spooky the Pitbull came to our Roseville clinic

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Spooky rode along in the arms of his human to our vaccination clinic in the Roseville and Citrus Heights area. He’s a good sweet and gentle young pup whose mixed Pitbull breeding has contributed to his balanced looks and his desirable personality. As we have said many times before in these postings, mixed breeding is very often the best way to go because the pups resulting from a mixed pairing often display more of the strengths and fewer of the weaknesses of either parental breed. In both the plant and animal kingdom the practice of mixing genetics results in a phenomenon commonly referred to as ‘hybrid vigor’. In the past, before the advent of genetic engineering, it was the production of random hybrids (or mixed breeds) that resulted in the desirable traits being sought by the breeder. So here comes our regular reminder that when it’s time to think about a new pet to bring into your household it is not necessary to find a purebred in order to find a good pet. Remember there are plenty of mixed breed dogs and cats sitting at your local animal shelter just waiting for the right human to come along and bring them home. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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