Receese the Olde English Bulldogge visited us in Rancho Cordova

There are old breeds, new breeds and new old breeds at

This is the month for Bulldogs! Here at our Rancho Cordova vaccination clinic is of Receese the Olde English Bulldogge along with his two favorite humans. The spelling of the breed name is intended to evoke the era of ‘Ye Olde England’ but, in fact, the breed is a new modern American creation. The Original English Bulldog (which was referred to in its day as a Bulldogge) went extinct after the Animal Cruelty laws enacted in 1835 England. Those Bulldogs had been bred for and used in the bull baiting pits of the day and once the blood sport of bullbaiting was outlawed the dogs were neglected and the breed was lost. Those original blood lines contributed to a variety of bull-type dogs and many, if not most of them were found in the American Southeast where English settlers used them as general purpose farm, guard and hunting dogs. Thus it was that, when in the 1970s, David Leavitt set about the project of trying to re-create the extinct Bulldog breed he found his source stock scattered throughout the South East. He used a variety of Bull types, Pit Bulls and Mastiff Types to come to the closest approximation of the look of the original Bulldog as seen in paintings from its day. Since Leavit was not trying to create a working or a sporting breed, in addition to its appearance, he worked to include a more gentle and social temperament. Thus was born the Olde English Bulldogge breed which has its quaint and old fashioned look, a sociable personality and a new role as a family pet dog. – Geoffrey Antipa


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