Fluffy the crossbreed visited us in Antelope

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Here’s a picture of Fluffy and her human at our vaccination clinic in the Sacramento and Antelope area. Fluffy is our favorite type of dog; A pure mix! She has at least Poodle and Chow breeding and who knows what else? The great thing about a dog like Fluffy is that her type is almost always long lived, healthy, temperamentally stable and guaranteed to be in love with her human. It’s hard not to love a dog like this and this is just one more chance to remind everyone that there is not necessarily any advantage in going to the effort of finding a purebred dog when the crossbreeds so often make a perfect pet. Fluffy is just another reminder that when it’s time to bring a new pet into our human household, there are plenty of deserving crossbreeds waiting at the pound for one of us to bring them home. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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