Jax the Pitbull came our Fair Oaks clinic

Bulldogs of the English, French, Boston, American and Bully types at http://facebook.com/dogandcatshots

Jax is an American Bully who, along with his human, came to our Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights pet vaccination clinic. There is a dizzying array of Bulldogs and Bull-type dogs and it seems that someone is always working on producing another. The Bully type of American Bulldog is derived from the lines developed after WWII by John D (Bully) Johnson and they are larger, heavier and have a shorter heavy head. Bulldog specimens have been commonly collected from the American South where dogs like those had traditionally been used as all-around farm dogs, catch dogs and above all as hunters of feral pigs. The dogs in the south were a loose assortment of Bulldog types brought along from England with English settlers and therefore were the same sort of dogs as used in the bull baiting and dog fighting pits popular in England until 1835. Like most Pitbull types, good breeding along with early training and socialization is important. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com


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