Papi the Pitbull came to our South Sacramento clinic

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Here’s Papi the Pit Bull who, along with his human, came by our vaccination clinic in the south area of Sacramento. What’s special about Papi is his temperament. There are plenty of reasons to worry about Pitbulls but Papi and his human are here to prove that with the proper breeding and the proper training a Pitbull can be a good, sound and responsive pet. As their name implies, the Pitbull was a dog bred in 18th and 19th century England for the blood sport of bull baiting in the fighting pits of London. Of course dogs bred for this purpose had to be tough, ferocious and eager to fight at any time and it is some of these characteristics which lead some Pitbulls (and their humans) into trouble. On the other hand, if a prospective owner pays attention to the breeding and the family characteristics of a Pitbull puppy AND if the owner undertakes thoughtful and conscientious training the results can be rewarding. Here are Papi and his human to prove the point 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa


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