Gooso the Dappled Doxie came to our Manteca clinic

Solid colors, mixed colors and even dapples at

Gooso the Dappled Doxie packed his human into the car and brought her to our Manteca vaccination clinic. Dachshunds come in typical colors like brown, red, black or black/tan but there are also some blood lines which have the genetics for merle or dappling patterns like. Dappling can be blue dapple as in the case of Gooso, red dapple, tri-color or bi-color. This dapple color can be safely produced by crossing a dapple dog with a non-dapple dog and the dappling will manifest in half the pups. However there is some risk in this color pattern because if two Dapples are bred together there is the risk that 25% of the resultant pups will show too much white or piebald. The piebald face condition is associated with intolerance to some drugs and also is associated with hearing problems. Breeding two of these double dapple or piebald dogs will result in problems with all the pups but happily in the case of Gooso the breeding is good and the dappling is perfect. Gooso is completely healthy and strong and looks great. – Geoffrey Antipa



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