Cash the Miniature Australian Shepherd came to our Brentwood clinic

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Here’s a miniature Australian Shepherd named Cash who came to our Brentwood pet vaccination clinic… But wait a minute! that can’t be his human because Cash is pictured here in the arms of the veterinarian who just vaccinated him. (Obviously there are no hard feelings about that.) The Australian Shepherd is a working herder developed in the United States in the 19th century and always been recognized for its close relationship to its handler. The Miniature Australian is a recent breed dating to only the 1970s when the breeding for small size Australians was undertaken. They are essentially the same dog and still retain their original herding instincts and their close working relationship with their humans. Miniature Aussies make wonderful pets and if anything, the Miniature, compared to its full sized original, is even more attached to its humans and even more driven by the wish to please them. – Geoffrey Antipa



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