Gracie the Miniature Poodle visited us in Manteca

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Gracie the Poodle brought her human with her to our pet vaccination clinic in Manteca last month. Poodles are a perennial favorite and that is for very good reason. The Poodle we see most often is the Miniature (like Gracie) which mid sized between the Standard and the Toy. The original Poodle dates to around the 15th century in Germany and was, as the name implies, a working water dog. These dogs which we now call ‘Standard Poodle’ were general purpose and hunting dogs and selected for intelligence and versatility. The Miniature was also a working dog but was specialized for a completely different kind of work: The Miniature Poodle was developed to hunt and dig for truffles as a substitute for pigs which had always served as the traditional truffle hunter. The problem with pigs is they are big, root vigorously and do tremendous damage the the ground in their frenzy finding truffles. The Miniature Poodle was the perfect alternative and now makes a perfect pet. It is intelligent, trainable, willing, friendly and safe. On top of all that it has a tight curled coat which does not shed and is considered hypoallergenic. The only potential problem with this otherwise perfect dog is that the coat must be maintained conscientiously or else it should just be clipped a few times each year. Great dogs, great friends and a delight to have around – Geoffrey Antipa



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