Sinque the Cane Corso visited us in Fairfield

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This Cane Corso named Sinque is pictured here with his owner at our vaccination clinic in Fairfield. This breed is a formidable looking dog and possesses a strong and fearless temperament to to with its looks. The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is an Italian Molosser dog which has a history dating to the ancient Romans when it was used as a guard dog and a war dog. The Cane is the closest relative to the Neapolitan Mastiff but it predates that breed and is derived from the ancient Roman Canis Pugnax. The word ‘Cane’ (pronounced Ca-neh is Italian for dog and the suffix ‘Corso’ refers to the dog’s ability to course or chase small game like rabbits. It is, in fact, the only remaining example of the historical coursing mastiffs. Although the Cane Corso may be a quiet and loyal dog, its size, power, and long history as a guard dog suggests that it should be raised by an experienced dog owner who can train the dog properly and socialize it early. – Geoffrey Antipa



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