Jack the Golden Labrador Retriever came to our Rocklin clinic

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At our Rocklin clinic we have a chance to re-visit Jack and his attendant human. The last time we saw him was a year ago and he was just a cute little growing pup and now look what a year’s worth of love, care, and dog food has done for him 🙂 Retrievers always have been and still are among the best big-dog breeds of all. Goldens or Yellows like Jack can always be counted upon to be agreeable, co-operative, gentle, loving and predictable. They are an easy dog do get along with and they are always good to have around the home and we are always happy to see one coming to our clinics. What used to be the Golden Labrador Retriever was renamed the Yellow Lab and over time some blood lines have lightened to cream or lighter. The Labrador retriever is descended from the St John’s Dog of Newfoundland which was imported to England in the 1820s. From then the breed as we know it was developed. Labs are intelligent and trainable and are excellent as gun (hunting) dogs, assistance dogs, working (not attack) dogs, and companion dogs. They are the most common dogs in many of the western countries and there is a very good reason for that as they are 100% friendly and reliable around people and children. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com



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