Cisco the Bernese Mountain Dog came to our Folsom clinic

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Here at our Folsom vaccination clinic is a beautiful example of the breed known as Bernese Mountain Dog. Cisco, being a Bernese, is one of the Sennenhund dogs of the Swiss Alps which are divided into 4 breeds: The less common Entlebucher and Appenzeller, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the Bernese Mountain dog. They were kept as all-purpose farm and guardian dogs which means they have a strongly protective instinct towards their territory and associated livestock. In their part of the world, defense against wolves has always been prime concern for farmers and herders. The larger Sennenhunds (Bernese Mountain Dog included) were also used as draft animals. Curiously, for such a stout and weather resistant breed, the Bernese Mountain dog has a surprising list of musculoskeletal and cancer problems leading to an average life expectancy of only 8 years. They make good family dogs but are most comfortable in open space. We, personally, are particularly impressed by the Bernese since we had a cross-bred Bernese who over the course of 12 years reliably guarded against bear and mountain lion in confrontational episodes which in the case of bear, often went on for many hours at a time. – Geoffrey Antipa



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