Tucka and Jillaroo the Miniature Australian Shepherds visited us in Placerville

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Here at Placerville are not one, but two Miniature Australian Shepherds named Tucka and Jillaroo with their attendant human. Lately we have a fair number of this breed at our clinics as their popularity has been steadily increasing and that is for good reason. Miniature Australian Shepherds or ‘Minis’ are a relatively new breed developed in California in the late 1970s by selecting for small size among Australian Shepherds. They possess the same qualities as their larger progenitors – herding instinct, smarts, train-ability, speed, agility and strong bond to their owner. In fact, ‘Minis’ may be even more focused on owner approval which makes them exceptionally easy to train, and everybody who has one is impressed by their sensitive and devoted nature. Like all Miniature Australian Shepherds, Tucka and Jillaroo were a dream to work with and we look forward to seeing them again – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com



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