Haze the Labradoodle visited us in Placerville

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Here at our Placerville clinic we have a pic of Haze who is a great dog and with interesting breeding. Haze is a Labradoodle which is a cross between Labrador and Standard Poodle. This cross produces a very desirable dog which has many physical attributes and also a stable and compatible personality frequently reported to be the best of all the large companion dogs. When two breeds are crossed for the specific purpose of producing hybrid pups, the pups are called ‘designer dogs’ and their genetic designation is ‘F1’. The reason for wanting F1 pups of two desirable different breeds is that these pups often demonstrate the best characteristics of each of the parental breeds. If there is a problem with F1 designer dogs it is that their appearance can be variable. They may look like either one of the parents or may have a completely mixed look. The breeding becomes more interesting when breeding two of the similar F1 dogs giving a more predictable result which is called an F2. If a breeder continues the process of breeding F2s and F3s etc they will come to a place where the puppies are reliably consistent and at some point there may be an application for breed recognition of the new breed. It seems likely that at some time a breeder will have line bred Labradoodles and we will see a new recognized breed and this will be a good thing because these are great dogs and good to have around. – Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com



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