Kaya the Siberian Husky came to see us in Natomas

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Here’s a young Siberian named Kaya who came in her human’s arms to our Sacramento clinic in the Natomas area. Huskies, and in particular Siberian Huskies, have become very popular due to their presentation as the CG Direwolves in Game Of Thrones but it is important to remember that these are real live working dogs which require the time and training that all big working dogs demand. The Huskies are members of the Spitz family and have been bred by native people of the Siberian arctic as durable and energetic working dogs. The Siberian Husky is the fastest sled puller of all and was imported from northeast Asia to Alaska during the Klokdike gold rush of 1896. THe Siberians, like all Huskies are cited as Spitz-type sled dogs and were originally classed as landrace breeds kept by various Arctic populations. Landrace refers to the specialized dogs kept in specific ecological areas by the indigenous people of that area. It is from the various landrace breeds that the modern selective breeds have been developed: Siberian Husky from Russia/Siberia, Alaskan Husky from Alaska, McKenzie River Husky from Alaska and Canada, Sakhalin Husky from Japan, Greenland Dog from Greenland, Malamute from Alaska and others including the Klee Kai, Laika, Yakutian and more. Kaya’s a sweetheart and just at the perfect age to begin her all-important training.- Geoffrey Antipa http://dogandcatshots.com



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