Little Man the Tabby cat came to the Roseville/Citrus Heights clinic

Tons of dogs and a few cats at

Little Man is a grey tabby cat we saw at our Roseville Citrus Heights clinic. We dont take many cat portraits because we fear losing them if we take them out of their cage but this one sort of worked out inside the soft carrier. The cat may have originated in Africa moved to the Middle East as long ago as 70,000 years. The typical ‘W’ pattern on most tabbys is a pattern which persists from the African origins. The domestication of cats probably dates back to the beginning of agriculture and human civilization in the Fertile Crescnt and the cats have been moving throughout the world with humans ever since. The genetics for solid (and cream) color are related to the genetics which cause the Tabby (striped) pattern in cats. Cats have evolved very little over the millenia and it is not surprising that cat appearance and behaviour is the same throughout the world – Geoffrey Antipa



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