Violet the Jack Russell Terrier entertains us in Folsom

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If there’s one breed that has the highest spirit and the most entertaining antics it has to be what we see here at our Folsom clinic. Pictured here in the arms of her very helpful human is Violet the Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell Terrier is a name applied to a group of terriers which includes the small Russell Terrier and the larger Parson Russell Terrier and the slightly larger terrier included in the group. They are a group of high-energy mostly white terriers which share ancestry with the Fox Terrier. Starting with the English White Terrier, the breed was begun in the early 19th century by Reverend John Russell who wanted a sport fox hunting dog with great prey drive but no killing instinct. His dogs were known as aggressive chasers who could be counted on to provide great sport finding and going after foxes even into their den but never to do the fox any physical harm. This is the fox-hunting equivalent of catch-and-release and the dog is the critical part of the game. Jack Russell terriers still demonstrate the qualities for which they were always known: They are intelligent, energetic, persistent, fearless and noisy. They have few health problems and live a long time but obviously require attention and exercise in order to satisy their need for mental and physical activity. Vaccinating a Jack Russell Terrier is almost always a bit of a circus but it’s always a good-natured circus. 🙂 – Geoffrey Antipa



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