Gerald the French Bulldog visited us in College Greens

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Gerald the French Bulldog talked his human into bringing him to our Sacramento clinic in the College Greens area. Gerald is riding in comfort, loving evry minute of it and like all Frenchies do, is manking his human plenty happy. The French Bulldog or ‘Frenchy’ has an interesting history. Originally an ancient Greek Molossian, then a Phoenecian, then in England a Mastiff, then a Bullenbeisser (bull baiter) THEN crossed with Pug and Terrier as a pet and then the smallest ones exported to France where they became popular as the breed we see today. . . Whew! Great pets with a long history but difficult to breed and sometimes a little stubborn. They live about 12 years and like all brachycephalic (short faced) dogs, the Frenchie can be susceptible to overheating and death in the hot environments which would not normally bother many other breeds. In the summer we have to keep them cool and well hydrated. – Geoffrey Antipa



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