China the Standard Poodle came to our Arden clinic

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Here’s a Standard Poodle from our Sacramento clinic in the Arden area. China’s poodle lineage dates clear back to 15th century Germany and then to Spain and finally to France where the breed was refined and standardized and became the national dog of France. Standard poodles (the largest size) were used as waterfowl hunting and retriever dogs and the characteristics of those original dogs persist today. An affinity for water, webbed toes, heavy water-repellant coat and great trainability are common to all poodles. In the early 20’th century they were commonly used as circus dogs and more recently have once again begun to be used as hunting dogs. The curly wool-like coat does not shed and is therefore hypoallergenic. Don’t think of a Standard Poodle as just a larger version of the common Poodles as they do not have the same house-pet temperament as do the smaller sizes. – Geoffrey Antipa



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