Bruno the Mixed-Breed Visited us in North Highlands

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Here’s a picture of Bruno the very mixed-breed with his happy human at our North Highlands vaccination clinic. What we can see is that Bruno has the chest and legs of a Doberman, the color of a Ridgeback, the forehead of a Pitbull and the history of being a Lab mix! So what this all means is that Bruno is a big, short-haired mix who probably has a lot of good physical and temperamental traits: As we have often described before in these posts, there are typically many advantages to mixed breeds over pure breeds. This is because often the mixes demonstrate more of the strengths and fewer of the weaknesses of the parental breeds. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘hybrid vigor’ and is a consistent characteristic in all animal and plant breeding. What is important for us to remember is that when considering a new canine addition to our household we should consider mixed breeds to be equal to or even better than purebreds. So always consider all those deserving dogs (and cats) of every breed who are just waiting at the animal shelter for the right human to come by and take them home to a new family. No wonder Bruno’s human is so happy with him! – Geoffrey Antipa



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